Dienstag, 29. März 2011

SICK PLEASURE - Aids (´83)

Danke an H-Frank!


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For all those who have thought they heard real hard core bands- well all of you you unless you heard this LP you have heard nothing ! Nothing, read my lips. This since 1983 when it was released and i heard it first time has been on my top ten best ever punk/ hard core and the list include acolytes such as DK, Black Flag, MDC
Angelic Upstarts, Oi Polloi and and alike. This Lp blows your brain away, completely. The tacks such as Mickey, Yes Sir and Closing in make you fly for years, yes mates, for years. I actually despite not having the lp anymore still remember every riff being played every word being sung. I would love to hear that one day someone will put the record on cd. This is a pure treasure in the rich history of The German punk scene where once upon a time it flourished with names such as Razzia, Normahl to name just a few. And for this not to be NEVER, EVER lost !

Stavros S.