Sonntag, 23. Mai 2010

EARTH CITIZENS - To a Nation of Party Lovers (´91)

 Danke an den "Dicken"!



Incognito hat gesagt…

Hello R.T i was passing by after of so many work, i prepared a talk chat for almost a month, i´m just coming home from it and it was PURE AND COMPLETE SHIT for me, fuck!the only good for me today is this jewel you got me (us). Gonna hear it righ now to get some rest! cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rat-shit hat gesagt…

hey inc. yeah drink a cold beer..that helps.. :-)
nearly the same by me..not so much time and the drive to post everday on the blog..
but i think on the next days i´ve more time/drive...
cheers my friend..