Dienstag, 4. August 2009


(224 kbit)

Auch hierfür Danke an "Mütze"!



Anonym hat gesagt…

Hi man,

Thanks a lot for your blog. It's very great.

That's great to find this demo tape ripped with a "real" tape sound quality because I used to have the file available on soulseek in early 2000's and it was so shitty !!!

Many thanks and long live to your blog.

I do have a lot of old german demos from old tape trading...

Greetings from FRANCE. VILE76.

Check my site : http://vile76.0fees.net/

Check my blog : http://vile76.blogspot.com/

popeye hat gesagt…

Is dat nicht die Vorgängerband von den Herbärds? Great!!