Montag, 10. August 2009

TARNFARBE - Vacant of fortune (94)

(256 kbit)

Fettes Danke an "Brüll-Mike"!

Nicht mehr ganz son Brett wie ihr Erstlingswerk
aber mir gefällts bis auf 2-3 Songs ganz gut!



vile76 hat gesagt…

Hi rat-shit.

I've added your blog to my list links.

I'm after the demo tape by PMA. They are from the end of the 80's and they have two songs on a 7" comp. called : "This is my life not yours" on recordrom records and 1 more song on another 7" comp : "Trust vynil compilation". maybe you can help me...

Bye and take care. VILE76.

rat-shit hat gesagt…

uff,no sorry but i do it in my wanted-list maybe we have luck!!
and thank you for linking me!
bye + prost