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Hi one and all.

As I have been in possession of all the songs on this comp (and many many many more) since they were released, I should warn you of the following errata:
- the tune denoted as Paraf - Visokotiražni mir (1980) is in fact Prljavo kazalište - Ja sam mladic u najboljim godinama (1979)
- Paraf's both T kao krava and Visokotiražni mir are actually by some French band, I think, unknown to me, i.e. NOT by Paraf, alas
- the Problemi's song is called Grad izobilja
- Kuzle - Smej se, rather than Smej sei
- Lublanski psi - TV(ecerna revolucija) [no space after TV, since the title is a pun]
- Pankrti's Kruha in iger was recorded in 1980
- Pekinska patka - Kontracepcija, and not Kontraceptija
- finally, in both Croatian and Serbian it is not customary to use capital letters in each and every word, only in the initial one, except when necessary, of course

Oh, and, by the way, this comp could have been way better. Some classic killer punk omitted, unfortunately...

Regards to all from Split, Croatia.