Dienstag, 25. November 2008

POISON IDEA-Latest will and testament (06)



NATION ON FIRE hat gesagt…

hey saw your comments on down underground mark is a real wanker cock sucker i got in a comment war with him and his friends a few months back and all my files were delete by some nazi cunt who hacked into my files. i'm glad to see there are othere anti nazis out there it is marks right to post what he wants but come on fuck nazis and fuck racism i say i see you are linked to my site welcome i will ad you to my links cheers.

rat-shit hat gesagt…

tx! i hate this stupid redneck,too!
and i saw your coment war with mark!
and i think the next weeks he posts more and more nazi-shit and more and more nazi-morons will run on his blog!
i can puke when i see some great punk-bands stay together with this nazi-scum!

ok , keep in touch and thx for linking me!!


rat-shit hat gesagt…

sorry my english is not the best!

NATION ON FIRE hat gesagt…